He’s in!

I know the majority of my readers of this blog are also my friends on Facebook, so they will already know the news.
He’s in! Owen has been offered a place at the special school we’ve applied to! And the best part is, that he’s been offered a place in KS1, NOT the Autism unit which is exactly what I wanted for him. 

It’s a beautiful day, there’s ice cream to eat and washing to be dried (how sad that I’m excited about that) and so I shall leave you with Borat, who conveys my emotions regarding this news perfectly. And Prince George who does the same thing.

Tick tock…

As my beloved Rolling Stones sang, ‘I am waiting (ting)’. 

Everybody else at preschool knows where their child is going in September. We are still waiting to hear if Owen is going to be accepted into the special school that we have applied to.

They received his EHCP 15 days ago to browse through at their leisure. How do I know it was exactly 15 days ago? Because they told me that the school has 15 days to decide whether or not they have a place for him. I rushed home and  circled today on the calendar as soon as they told me.

But no. It’s 15 ‘working days’. So that’s another week or so. Apparently nobody at the office I’ve been trying to get hold of answers their phone but someone is going to be speaking to the school for me. Perhaps some news tomorrow (Wednesday) then! 

Waiting to hear from the school…

What happens if we don’t get in? At least one person we know has been turned down for the school we’ve chosen. It’s terrifying. Well, we have a few options.

A) Fiiiiiiiiiight. We accept our mainstream place as a backup and fight for our place at the chosen school. I’m pretty good at compiling large documents pointing out why something should or shouldn’t happen.

B) We look at the ‘other’ special school here. A viable option.

C) We go to a ‘normal’ school with an attached Autism unit (didn’t like any of those).

D) We go to a normal school.
Realistically he won’t cope in a ‘normal’ school. I’m not too worried if he goes for some of Reception class while we appeal. But it’s taking a space that someone else could have.

So let’s hope it’s a ‘yes’ from our chosen school. 

A ‘yes’ would mean a huge weight off my shoulders and it would mean I could start preparing Owen for the change and let someone else have his place at the mainstream school.  

I’ll keep you posted!

*NB: ‘I am waiting’ is from the Stones album, ‘Aftermath’ which I recommend; but not as much as ‘Exile on Main Street’ which is their best album 😊😊😊