Glitter glitter everywhere but not a drop (of wine) to drink

An update!

The past few weeks have been somewhat eventful.


Shortly after getting our place at the local special school, Owen picked up chicken pox. Bugger. Again it’s the speech disorder that means I can’t explain what’s going on to him. He coped really well and just has a few scars. His new favourite film is, and I’m being deadly serious, ‘Chicken Run’. Hmmmm.



We took Owen away on holiday to ‘Bashley Park’ in Christchurch. I can’t recommend it enough (during term time). A lovely swimming pool, a park and a huge field. Owen didn’t need any more than that. We did take him to ‘Adventure Wonderland’ by Bournemouth Airport. Again, a great little place and fairly cheap as they offer a carer + disabled guest special rate.



The best part of the holiday was Bournemouth Aviation Museum. A few planes, helicopters, a double decker bus and a fire engine, all in a field. Each has steps and you can climb inside and press all of the buttons and switches etc. For a child whose current favourite toy is a tin of padlocks and keys, this was heaven.



Sports day tomorrow and transfer morning at his new school nextq week! (If I can bear to let him go 😭)


Owen has made brilliant progress in terms of his speech disorder. He understands a lot more now and is using his speech functionally. I’m even getting tiny conversations from him! For example:


Owen: Mummy!

Me: Yes darling?

Owen: I’m just going to the garden.

Me: Ok! See you soon!

Owen: See you soon Mummy!


I’m so pleased that his speech therapist was there to witness our exchange because I don’t think she’d have believed me otherwise!


If I lose (Owen hides) my car keys, I can now ask him where they are and he’ll either tell me or go and get them.


He has also learnt the difference between ‘yes’ and ‘no’.


Me: Owen! Marmite yes or Marmite no?

Owen: Marmite yes. (Good boy!!)


Some things have not changed. I still can’t handle my wine, I have bought far too many things on and I am still the Counterfeit Stones’ number one fan.


Oh and I still haven’t learnt to put stuff like glitter out of Owen’s reach.


What is 67% of ‘I never want to see a Maths exam again?’

I’ve spent the last three weeks sat in front of a laptop, marking 1200 Maths exams. If I never see one again, it will be too soon. I’m not doing it again next year! (Other lies I tell are ‘I’m never drinking again’ and ‘this is the last tattoo I’m ever having’).



Struggling to determine whether 400 eleven year old children have grasped the idea of adding fractions was totally optional for me and I got an all expenses paid jolly to London out of it. (Did I mention that I’m never drinking again?).  Hopefully I’ll be able to replace my clapped out car and squirrel some money away for Christmas.


Have I marked enough papers for this?!

My real ‘job’ is a ‘carer’. It took me a long time to get my head around it. Surely I’m just doing my job as Owen’s mum? But I had to admit that actually, he does need a lot more care than your average 4 and a half year old.



If my source is correct (CBeebies), it is National Carer’s Week. There are some 6.5 million carers in the UK. Some temporary, some permenant. Wives, children, husbands, mums, neighbours, dads, brothers, sisters etc. It can be isolating and there’s not much support. I myself phoned Carer’s Support several times and never managed to speak to anybody.



I solemnly swear that I don’t just watch CBeebies for the lovely Dr Ranj…*


As I said, I’m fortunate that I’m not having to juggle a full time job or being in education with caring for Owen. Caring most definitely is a full time job. Keep carers in mind this week 😊.


*another lie. I love him. And his eyebrows.

** I’ve had a glass of wine whilst writing this.