You could be a gloater! We’re upto our ears in gloaters!


Can I come in for a gloat?


Today’s post is somewhat celebratory. A stealth boast. Lord Percy might even label me as a ‘gloater’. For those of us with children who have additional needs, it’s so important to find positivity in every little brilliant thing they do.


As one of my friends might be celebrating their five year old getting a swimming certificate, I’m over the moon that my five year old  managed to tell me he’s thirsty.

The change in Owen since he started at his new school has been incredible. His speech has come on in leaps and bounds.


We even managed a day trip to Poole last week and I can’t believe what a good boy Owen was. I am a very proud Mummy.


Catching some sun in Branksome


This week, Owen has been:

1)… dressing himself every single morning without prompting and one morning he even managed to tell me that he had forgotten to put his socks on.

He’s also:

2)  Replied ‘Your keys are there Mummy, can you see them?’ when I wondered aloud where they were.


3) Asked if I had finished my dinner and took the plates out to put in the dishwasher.


4) Sat down at school and actually done some work.


5) Asked to read his school reading book every single night.


6) Stayed in his own bed, every single night.


7) Run into school every morning with a huge smile on his face.


I don’t even get a kiss goodbye anymore!


It’s only Thursday and already it has been a great success.


However we still have a birthday party, haircut, a trip to Tesco and a day out on Sunday to get through yet. I may yet have to prepare the guest bedroom for Mr.Cockup.


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