The ‘C’ word

Owen has started using the C word – no…not ‘see you next Tuesday…..Christmas! He’s currently sporting his Christmas jumper (you try denying a grumpy 5 year old his jumper of choice on a Friday afternoon) and we’ve written a letter to Father Christmas (strike while the iron is hot!).



It’s the first year that Owen has really understood anything at all about Christmas. It’s one of those things that I had thought would never happen. I’m a big fan of Christmas and one of the things I couldn’t wait to do when I had children was to recreate the magical Christmas days that my brother and I had. That amazing feeling when you open the door to see that ‘he’ has been…and he’s eaten the sausage rolls (no mince pies here thanks), drunk the cider and put chocolates on the tree!



Owen probably won’t quite ‘get’ it still, but he’s talking about Father Christmas coming and leaving presents under the tree. He keeps telling me that he’s going to put stars on the tree.


And who who do I have to thank for Owen’s new found festive enthusiasm?


Peppa bloody pig.


I *think* there must be a Christmas episode. I’m not usually fully tuned into what’s happening because it’s normally 5am when Peppa is on.


Peppa Pig, apparently, has a lot to answer for. I’ve just seen a post on Facebook about some hoaxed American study showing that Peppa Pig ’causes’ Autism. You really couldn’t make that up.  Well, somebody managed to! Someone clearly has more time on their hands than even me.


Peppa Pig, destroyer of marriages, sanity and causer of Autism


But some people actually believe that Peppa Pig has caused their child to have Autism! There are hundreds and hundreds of theories about what causes Autism. It interests me slightly but I don’t worry about it too much – in my view, he has Autism, there isn’t anything I can do about that so I’m just going to help him achieve to his full potential. I don’t think it’s caused by the MMR and I certainly don’t believe it’s because I’m a ‘cold’ mother. Autistic children were once taken away from their ‘cold’ mothers. Horrific!


So although I get sick of listening to the same episodes of Peppa Pig over and over again (does baby Alexander ever stop crying?!) and being called ‘Mummy Pig’ isn’t the most flattering of nicknames, I do have them to thank for Owen having a good idea of what’s going on this year (and the occasional bit of peace and quiet) which is a lovely bit of normality for us and will make for a more magical Christmas.


Oh shit. He’s asked for drums.


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