If it’s got Ben Affleck in it, I’m watching it.

This weekend was a bit of a washout, so my boyfriend and I decided to make the most of our Owen-free weekend (he’s with his Dad every other weekend) and do absolutely nothing but eat and watch films.



My attempts to get him to watch the latest instalment in the Bridget Jones series with me have been fruitless (so far) and so we stumbled across ‘The Accountant’.  I wasn’t overjoyed about watching another ‘boy film’ but seeing as it started the lovely Ben Affleck, I was willing to give it a try.



It turns out, that the lead character of this film has (very high functioning) Autism. I normally actively avoid anything along these lines. The Undateables? Nope. Rain Man? No thanks.



I find them unsettling to watch. I know ‘The Undateables’ is meant to be a heart-warming program, promoting inclusiveness but it’s just not for me anymore. I appreciate that companies such as Channel 4 have done a heck of a lot of good as far as inclusiveness goes. So many people I know enjoyed the program ‘The A word’ as well.


‘The Undateables’ is, from what I’ve heard, brilliant for showing the reality of Autism.



It gets a bit frustrating because a lot of films and television programs portray Autism in a stereotypical way. Generally they go down the ‘genius’ route and everybody hates loud music and can’t have any food that isn’t beige.


He’s got Autism but he’s a millionaire because he can card count!


He’s got Autism but he managed to hack into the government’s computer files and change the password to ‘govesmells’.


Oh come on Gove, we all know you stink


She’s got Autism but it’s ok! She draws crime scenes from her amazing memory.



Most of us who have children who have Autism, don’t have prodigies on our hands. We have children who also have issues such as ‘global delay’ and who will probably have to live at home with us forever.



I stuck with ‘The Accountant’. The flashback scenes to childhood were done very very well. The adult ‘present day’ stuff, despite going down the ‘maths genius’ route, were good too.



Stimming, echolalia, sensitivity to light and sound, monotonous voice, difficulty reading emotions, a need for routine and order, a need to finish everything and difficulty socialising were all covered. Well worth a watch!



‘Mercury Rising’ is another film that does a fairly good job of A realistic portrayal of having a child with Autism. Granted, it goes down the old ‘genius’ route again but it does make up for it in other areas.



Maybe I could make my fortune being an ‘Autism advisor’ to directors?


Or maybe I should just teach Owen how to count cards and head for Vegas…


Or we could just watch ‘Bridget Jones’ Baby’, Mr Davies? 😁

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