Can you see alright? No…that’s why I wear glasses.

I think we’ve had a successful half term. Having Owen at home for a week can be a daunting and somewhat terrifying situation to find onself in but we did it. Ten points to Gryffindor.


Owen’s behaviour before half term was not fantastic. (Definitely not a trait inherited from his Mother – Miss ‘0 Detentions and a trophy for being a nice girl 1987’). Everyday when I picked him up, they told me he had been a ‘bit of a monkey’. As a former primary teacher, I know this is top secret code for ‘little shit’.



This week however, he has been the perfect child. He’s eaten, slept well, played with his toys, his speech disorder has improved, he’s, played with his friends and we’ve even managed to get him completely out of nappies during the daytime. It took a fair amount of bribery and some ‘tough love’ but another ‘great success!’ I’m almost sad that’s it back to school tomorrow. Almost.


A huge relief for everybody this week has been his discharge from the eye clinic at the hospital; particularly me because his consultant (who resembles The Master from Doctor Who and is actually rather easy on the eye) is terrifying.



Three years ago, Owen caught conjunctivitis. It wasn’t so concerning because to me, it was something that loads of children at school get. Easily solved with drops.


Owen’s resisted all of the antibiotics and suddenly looked like he had been punched. We raced him to the hospital and we’re told that we had got him there just in time. A few more hours and we could have been looking at meningitis, a stroke, blindness or death.


‘Orbital Cellulitis’ is when the nasties from the conjunctivitis get around the back of the eye and the danger is that it then gets to the brain. Fortunately a few nights on IV antibiotics sorted him out but nobody was sure if his eye had been damaged.


The good news is that no, it clearly hasn’t! Discharged and no need for glasses or a patch. Another appointment we don’t need to worry about.


I wish the same could be said for me. My eyesight gets worse every year (I’ve got my ‘Dame Edna’s on now) and as the big 3-0 approaches, I’m concerned that I’m going to end up with some very Eddie Hitler-esque ones soon…



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