No ticket!

Ah the summer holidays – rain, wind and more rain. When I was a fresh faced young and childless teacher, I couldn’t grasp why the parents of my delightful charges dreaded the summer holidays.


Karma is a funny thing.


Owen’s behaviour really took a nose dive in the first week of the holidays. He seems to have developed emotionally which is brilliant but it has come with its challenges.



He’s started to get a bit jealous of my boyfriend, he expresses his opinions (I LOVE tools) and is missing people and asking to see them.


Frustration comes with this and there’s been a lot of cupboard door slamming, head hitting and I’m sure he’s close to shattering windows with the pitch of his scream.


I had the specialist health visitor over to see me when I reached the end of my tether last week. I had to wrack my brains to think how I could get Owen to behave. I felt like an idiot – what sort of a primary teacher am I if I can’t get my own son to behave?


The health visitor and I thought and came to the agreement that we would catch more bees with honey! I remembered back to when I was a teacher – we would try and ignore negative behaviour and only focus on the good. ‘Catch me being good’ was the phrase we used. Stickers didn’t interest Owen but he loves tickets.


So today, I bought four packs of ‘Cars’ trading cards and have dished them out to Owen for anything. He didn’t slam the front door? Have a ticket! He said please? Have a ticket!


The goal has been ten tickets for a treat. It needs to be easy as anything to get a treat to begin with. It’s been exhausting but much nicer than saying ‘no’ constantly.


But it gives me something to use as a threat that I can actually follow through. Owen understands consequences and up until now, I’ve threatened him with things like not going to Grandma’s house or not going to school. Now, I know and he knows that is NEVER going to happen. I need a break! But I also need to be consistent so the threat is now ‘no ticket!’ which is easy to stick to.



And just look at his overwriting! Each time he practised his name, he was paid a ticket.


This afternoon he collected 20 tickets and got a small KitKat for each 10.


Only four weeks and 108383838293838382727 tickets handed out to go.




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